Speedpaint v. 1.0
Crazee Chainsaw dude.

Quick digital b&w sketch.
5 Critiques & Comments:
it's hard to tell that it's a chainsaw the way it's cropped.

and maybe if it had some red, sin city style.
By Blogger Wes, at July 11, 2006  

Kenji-sun, I like this a lot man...a very nice balance of negative space and positive space. I wonder how you did that. I'm gonna have to come over some time so you can show me how you pulled that off. Anyway, i like this man...kinda reminds me of your pirate piece a bit. I noticed you've been doing these little hatchy stylized drawings every since the fantasy animal thunderdome. It's cool to see your style evolve like that man. keep posting.

oh and on another note, Frances and I had this really interesting conversation the other day. I'm really interested in your opinion on the matter. Anyway, I'll ask you about it next time I see you. take it easy
By Blogger thesmokeking, at July 15, 2006  

aggressive paint marks. great use of minimalism...them black vs white-ness. crazy

crazy. i cringe..
By Blogger DEN, at September 08, 2006  

Fuckin' sick marks! I agree though, I don't see a chainsaw. Keep at it homeslice!
By Blogger Eric Spray, at September 24, 2006  

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Muppet Painting-In Progress
1 Critiques & Comments:
haha now this is just weird man.

i like that moon a lot. I see you can also get really stylezed when you want. nice man. keep posting.
Spider Bitches
3 Critiques & Comments:
wow man, I really like the glow behind her teeth man....that's really nice. The face is also very nicely rendered. YOu got some nice digital skills as well, i see.

I like the overall color scheme you got going there too. I find it so hard to work w/ color and value at the same time. You really seem to understand how to make them work together effectively. how much time did u spend on this?

The STD infested cunt is a nice touch too. WRAP IT UP NEXT TIME!
By Blogger thesmokeking, at July 15, 2006  

I didn't spend too much time on this one, maybe 3 hours or less? Kenji and I picked a subject matter of x-gf's turned into creatures. I don't know if he ever got to his...

and the no 1 thing that helps me with painting in photoshop, color and value, is having a shit ton of color swatches up while i paint. Ask me to see my photoshop pallette setup next time you see me w/ my laptop. that shiat blew my mind at montreal
By Blogger Wes, at July 16, 2006  

STD QUEEN WERD!!!!! Yeah dude nice touch with that new brush man...and yes this creature does carry a strong resemblence to her or whatever. But anyways maybe some areas like her right hand can use some subtle punch of highlights to bring it out more to the foreground.