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Eric Spray
Speed SP

Hey dudes! This is the shameful, bizarre me in my unshackled glory. All right dudes, peace outside!
4 Critiques & Comments:
friggin love it mang. i love the gestural qualities to it.

The marks on the face seem like they could be made with a better brush maybe? the edge quality isn't living up to the painting.
By Blogger Wes, at September 11, 2006  

woah, this is incredible man...I like the little indent you got under your right eye...that's it man. It's a wrap now. That green really works to make it look like a 5oclock shadow...dang man, I like this

I think you could benefit from bigger brushes. in anycase THis is nice. how long did it take you to do this?
By Blogger thesmokeking, at September 20, 2006  

Thanks Wes and Chance. I'm playing around with alot of different brushes. I work on edges, thanks Wes. Chance, this took about 45 minutes. I'm up to 30 self portraits right now. I do them before I go to bed at night. Peace outside!
By Blogger Eric Spray, at September 24, 2006  

This is awesome Eric. I would have to say in digital this is one of your best self portrait digital mode. I think the use of colors are very good and have a nice subtle cool/warms.There are some graphic areas that seems too distracting to me around the hair. Top right* The overall graphicness is nice though. Eric dope mode.