Speedpaint v. 1.0
Heaven and Hell :: In Progress
3 Critiques & Comments:
ah you know how I feel about this man. I like the way you mix your paints in this. I learned a lot from you that day. I don't really like the fire that much though. Other than that...I mean it could just use some more work. I like the overall color scheme. Cool versus warm..I love the way the creature on the left sorta blends in with the blue sky...hmmm it'll be cool if his shadows were a little cooler...maybe some cool tones in em somewhere...Good stuff man. I liiiiike
By Blogger thesmokeking, at September 20, 2006  

thank ya much, i like some of your comments a lot, i may put them to some good use. Unfortunately my computer crashed and i lost the original file, but i can use this jpeg and get it back.

I've just got an internship at a design firm, i'll be doing a speedpainting a lunchbreak hopefully.. So maybe i can kick start this biatch!
By Blogger Wes, at October 13, 2006  

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